16 7 / 2012

Or “The People who Sing really well who aren’t Irish”

For 2 years now, my family has hosted soccer coaches from the southern region of Brazil near Sao Paulo and Currachiba. My family doesn’t speak a lick of Portuguese but I speak decent enough Spanish to get by and Portuguese share some of the same words that have the same meaning. But! My ‘expertise’ is in Asians, and I’m always interested in various cultures. Brazil even has a population of Japanese immigrants but I’m not entirely sure why and Japan has had interaction with the Portuguese before which began the spread of Christianity into Japan. Brazilians are amazing and amazingly friendly but there is just so much more to them than I expected and so much more to Brazil than Rio, a giant Jesus statue and Samba.

  • When they talk, it sounds like they’re singing. The coach who stayed with us is just so jolly and every time he speaks, its like he’s singing. His voice will shift octaves and he has such a sweet voice.
  • Soccer is the national sport and they can get really competitive. At the USA-Brazil game, their fans were louder than the US.
  • Brazilian Portuguese is different from Portugal’s Portuguese.
  • Everything in Brazil is taxed, but all Brazilians love shopping.
  • Not every Brazilian looks necessarily Hispanic. From the history of Brazil, Africans were brought over during the slave trade and their traditions have mixed with Portuguese creating the cuisines and the dances we hear about.
  •  Their skin tones range from a creamy brown to dark brown with some having white fairer skin.  
  • They appreciate everything
  • They’re religious, but not in a forceful way that they’re constantly trying to recruit people. They spread the message, say a prayer and move on.
  • They can sing incredibly well and it sounds so smoooooth and catchy.
  • They don’t age. 1 is in his 40’s and looks in his 20’s and 1 in his 20’s looks like he’s in his teens.
  • Women don’t play a major role, but that’s more of a religious hierarchy sort of thing within the community.
  • They love kids!
  • They were willing to send young men from Brazil in attempts to help my parents marry me off to a young Brazilian man….Har har.
  • They have A LOT of Body confidence. They don’t mind making fun of themselves or each other in terms of their body shape or weight but they know they look good.
  • Did I mention they’re all incredibly good looking? And that they all dress well?
  • They’re very touchy feely, I don’t recall ever being hugged or touched in a genuinely friendly manner.
  • The flight from Virginia to Brazil is 8 hours.
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    Of course we don’t look Hispanic. We are mainly PORTUGUESE descendents. We’re a mixed, colorful people. There are...
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    Why thank you. I hope you enjoy our country. ;)
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    I love reading foreigners’ impressions on my country and my people, especially when they realize there’s more to us than...
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    I liked some parts like: “some having white fairer skin”, “When they talk, it sounds like they’re singing.”, “They don’t...
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    Tão bom ler essas coisas de vez em quando, saber que existem pessoas que fazem boa imagem da gente lá fora… So accurate....
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